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Let Boo-Yah BOB choose your next lunch or dinner!


About Boo-Yah Restaurants

We deliver your favorite restaurant food to your door, hot, fast, and, in most cases, cheaper than any other restaurant can. How? Well, depending on the city, our advertisers discount coupons can offset your lunch or dinner delivery charge, service fee, and a part of your food cost. That makes everyone want to yell, Boo-yah!

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What We Do


We enhance and empower restaurants with the power of delivery that we call “Boo-yah Magic”.


If your favorite Italian Restaurant does not deliver their delicious food and beverages to your home or office, this is where we come in. We empower delivery of your favorite italian food through “Boo-yah Magic”. We create a virtual restaurant that we call “Boo-yah Italian”  Hungry folks all across the U.S travel online to our website: to place an order for your favorite Italian food. Yes, that’s right, Boo-yah Italian! Then, through “Boo-yah Magic” we process your favorite Italian food order and deliver your order, hot and fast, to your home or office. 


If your favorite Sandwich Restaurant only has a delivery radius of one mile from the location nearest your home and you live 3 miles from that location, having your food delivered will not happen! This is where we come in. We enhance your delivery options from a one mile delivery radius to a five+ mile delivery radius. Now, your food will be delivered to your home or office hot and fast! 


If you want to win cool prizes from your favorite Pizza or Health Food Restaurant orders; stay tuned every day, every week and every month for updates on all of our cool prize give-a-ways!


In case you haven't figured it out yet, the food and drinks being delivered to your home or office are not made by Boo-yah Restaurants. Boo-yah Restaurants and all Boo-yah Brands are virtual brands. The Boo-yah Virtual Restaurant brands are assigned to real “Brick and Mortar” restaurants to help those locations with delivery challenges. Oh, and we give away really cool prizes to the folks that order from us. So, when your food order arrives, and the delivery bag does not say “Boo-yah”, don’t worry, we know, we are just here to help! 


will source the "Best-Fit" for your taste-buds wherever you are and deliver your meal right to your door, hot and fast! Whether your taste-buds crave Mexican, Italian or Submarine Sandwiches, we will locate the best Boo-yah location, and deliver your meal right to your door, hot and fast. Simply enter "Boo-yah near me" in the Google Search Bar, or simply go to our website and choose the type of food you crave, then, complete your order on our website. The "Boo-yah Best-Fit" algorithm scans the web for your favorite restaurant dishes within a 5 mile radius of your location. Then, we process your order for you, send out one of our drivers to pick-up your order and bring your food directly to you, hot and fast, in under one hour! 

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