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Boo-yah "Discount Coupons" are provided by our advertising partners to allow our customers to offset high restaurant delivery costs.  That means, Boo-yah can deliver your next meal to your door, hot and fast, in many cases, cheaper than the restaurant that made it.

How can that be possible? Let me explain. Choose your favorite Italian, Mexican or Submarine Sandwich for your next lunch or dinner and put together a $50.00 order in your cart. Then, you are thinking, why is my order so expensive! Well, that's when you go to our "Discount Coupon" section. You will see all of our "Discount Coupons" sponsored by our advertising partners. T-Mobile, AT&T, Graphic's Up, and many more. When you are prepared to spend $50.00 on your dinner, click on a $20.00 "Discount Coupon" offered by "Smile Dental Services" (one of our advertising partners) and save big bucks on your meal! That's how, in many cases, Boo-yah can beat the original restaurant delivery price where the food was actually made. Therefore, why would you buy your next restaurant delivered meal from any other ordering app. Buying your next restaurant delivered meal from Boo-yah Restaurants, is now, the only way to go!

Checkout a few of our digital Boo-yah Restaurants discount coupons below.

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Ads 1.webp
Ads 4.webp

Additionally, we also offer a rewards program to bring increased value to your delivered restaurant food purchase. You can redeem your rewards points to acquire movie tickets, comedy club passes and gift cards. You can also win BIG PRIZES that we will give away to our "Boo-yah Game"  winners every quarter. Jet skis, motorcycles, sailboats, vacations and even cars will be available to be won by playing our "Boo-yah Games". Every quarter we will allow everyone that has purchased food from one (or more) of our Boo-yah Restaurants to apply as many of their rewards points, that they wish, to play the "Boo-yah Games" and try and win one or more of our BIG PRIZES! Not all prizes are available in all cities. Restrictions apply.

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