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The "Double It Up" program is designed to save our customers money. Everyone knows that having your favorite restaurant food delivered to your door is expensive. The large delivery apps charge a delivery fee and in most cases a service fee. These service and delivery fees are charged as a percentage of your food order. That can get very expensive, very quickly. That's why Boo-yah Restaurants created the "Double it up" program. Boo-yah charges a fixed delivery and service fee; not a percentage. This fixed rate pricing is the same regardless of the size of your order. Therefore, you should double your order. If you were going to buy one sandwich for lunch, buy two instead and save big bucks on delivery fees. If you were going to buy one Italian entrée for delivery, buy two instead, and save big bucks on service and delivery fees. We call it: "Double It Up". Order twice as much food as you would normally and save big bucks. Start the "Double it up" ordering process below by simply clicking on the "Order Now" button(s) below.

Assorted Sandwich
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